Twente4Seven: Discuss and meet new people

Twente4Seven are the meetups promoted by the Think Tank Keeping Talent in Twente. Essentially, is about bringing people together through conversations.
The initiative emerged as a response to the opportunity voiced by students in the region: sometimes it gets difficult to meet new people, and there are not many events in the city where you can get to know locals or that are international-friendly.

The cultural committee of the Think Tank decided to address this issue by partnering with bars in the city center to host discussion evenings. For the first edition we discussed the topic of “Euroskepticism” at Stanislaus Brewery, and invited Vic van Dijk and Jeroen Diepemat (local politicians), Nolen Gertz (UTwente philosopher), and Wilco Louwes (Tubantia journalist). We had a speed-date-like conversations at the beginning to break the ice and people could share their views and familiarity with the topic. Then we continue the conversations with a drink and enriched our perspectives on the topic.

The next edition for will be on november 20th at SamSam, the café next to the Concordia building. This time we are discussing the topic of Loneliness of youth, an issue that is gaining more awareness and importance. Eelco Eerenberg, Enschede alderman will join us for this evening, as well as Gijs Vitadamo and Merijn Koers, who started a cool initiative in Hengelo to promote togetherness.

You are welcome to join us next wednesday November 20th at 20:00 at SamSam.
Free Entry. Click here also to check the Facebook event.

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